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Grace Alive! is non-profit ministry in central Pennsylvania dedicated to spreading the message of grace to those searching for truth. Grace Alive! teaches God's Word rightly divided, and provides a basis for a sustainable walk in the life of Christ.

If you are confused by all of the many “interpretations” of scripture, or are searching for truth and meaning in God’s Word, we encourage you to look through this site. We have written studies, along with audio messages you can download or listen to on your computer. You can also request CDs or DVDs from our Philippian Club page.  If you live in the Blair - Cambria county area of Pennsylvania, you can learn about our assemblies, or find out when and where to see our television broadcast.  There is updated information on our annual Bible conference at Mountaindale Conference center, and contact

 information for any  questions or comments that you have.

The vision of Grace Alive! is to see all men saved by grace through faith and living the life of Christ received at salvation. Our mission is to teach God's infallible Word which is preserved in the King James Bible.

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Do you shop online at Amazon?  Would you like to help Grace Alive financially? Amazon has come up with a way for you to help Grace Alive with every purchase you make through them.  All you have to do is go to  You sign in with the same user name and password that you use on  It is the same site you usually use, but when you’ve chosen Grace Alive Church of Altoona as your charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of every purchase you make to Grace Alive.  We would certainly appreciate it if you would change your shopping habit, and move your amazon shopping to      trumpet


Please consider helping the Rejoicing in Grace Ministries orphanage in India.

They must vacate their current facility and are in need of funds to purchase land and build a building to house the orphans.  You can learn more about this and donate at   All donations are tax deductible and will go exclusively to this special ministry in India founded by our friend Dan Gross.  See more on this ministry here.

4/23/16 -   God is Just  DVD  (Wed Night - The History of Israel)

4/18/16 -   Renewing Your Mind  DVD  (Sunday Morning - To sin or not to sin)

4/10/16 -   The Triple Ticket  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Faith in or faith of Christ)

4/10/16 -   The Patriarchs  DVD  (Wed Night - The History of Israel)

4/10/16 -   Of and In Christ     DVD  (Sunday Morning - Faith in or faith of Christ)

3/31/16 -   Bullet-like Wrath  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

3/31/16 -   One Event, Two Perspectives  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

3/22/16 -   Looking For a New Dwelling DVD  (Sunday Morning - Heaven and Earth)

3/20/16 -   The Manifold Wisdom of God  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Heaven and Earth)

3/12/16 -   The Night Cometh  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

3/6/16   -   The Only Wise God  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Heaven and Earth)

3/3/16     - One Purpose, Two Places   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Heaven and Earth)

3/3/16     - John the Revelator  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

2/20/16   - The Crowning Moment  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

2/15/16   - A Forgiven Heir  DVD  (Sunday Morning)

2/15/16   - A Reclaimed Planet   DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

2/15/16   - Making Peace With God  DVD  (Sunday Morning)

2/5/16     - The Last Chance Trumpet   DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

1/28/16   - Woe to Live On  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

1/22/16   - The Message in the Trumpets  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

1/19/16   - Faith   DVD  (Sunday Morning - What is faith and how does it work)

1/19/16   - The First Trumpet  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

1/11/16   - The Gospel that Isn’t in the Gospels  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Did Jesus and his disciples miss                                                                                                                                                             something?)

1/11/16   - Willingly Ignorant  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

12/28/15 - Ignorant of Resurrection    DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

12/22/15 - Christmas: The Rest of the Story  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Christmas Message)

12/14/15 - The Ignorance That is in Them    DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

12/9/15 - Ignorant of Satan’s Devices  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

12/9/15 - Withholding Wrath  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

12/9/15 - Ignorant of Suffering  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

12/9/15 - Ignorant of Spiritual Gifts   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

11/13/15 - The Seven Churches  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

11/11/15 - Historical Ignorance  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

11/11/15 - Conceited Ignorance  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

10/31/15 - Israel’s New Birth  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

10/28/15 - Evangelize, Establish, Elderize  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

10/28/15 - The Seven Seals  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

10/17/15 - Here Comes the Lord  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

10/14/15 - A Wink and a Nod   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

10/9/15 - Paul’s War on Ignorance   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

10/9/15 - Ignorant and Unlearned Men  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dispelling Ignorance)

10/5/15 - Fear Not Tribulation  DVD  (Wed Night - Understanding the term ‘tribulation’)

9/18/15 - What Withholdeth  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

9/12/15 - Should We Confess Our Sins  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Bob Beam from 6/21/15)

9/10/15 - The Day  DVD  (Wed Night - End times)

9/7/15  - Whose Thoughts?  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dell Hoover)

9/5/15  - Falling Away  DVD  (Wed Night - The Lord’s Supper #8)

9/5/15  - Move On  DVD  (Wed Night - The Lord’s Supper #7)

9/5/15   - Do You Have a Heart Problem?  DVD  (Sunday Morning)

8/25/15 - Added videos to The End Times According to Paul, The Lord’s Supper, and                                                   Misunderstood Verses

8/21/15 - Videos of 2015 Conference at Liberty Bible Church

8/20/15 - Does God Kill the Unworthy Partakers?  DVD  (Wed Night - The Lord’s Supper #6)

8/20/15 - Who Will Win the Election?    DVD  (Sunday Morning - Bob Beam)

8/14/15 - The Son of Perdition  DVD  (Wed Night - The Lord’s Supper #5)

8/14/15 - Red Letters  DVD  (Wed Night - The Lord’s Supper #4)

8/14/15 - Paradoxical Paul  DVD  (Wed Night - The Lord’s Supper #3)

8/14/15 - The New Covenant  DVD  (Wed Night - The Lord’s Supper #2)

8/14/15 - The Old Covenant  DVD  (Wed Night - The Lord’s Supper #1)

8/5/15  - A Reason For Hope  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Culture Wars)

8/1/15   - Winning the Culture Wars   DVD  (Sunday Morning)

7/13/15 - Yes, God Can   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Israel’s Missed Signs)

7/9/15 - Your Dreaded Liberty  DVD  (Sunday Morning - July 4 message)

7/9/15 - Forgiveness  DVD  (Sunday Morning)

7/9/15 - The Birth Date  DVD  (Wed Night - The meaning of being born again)

7/9/15 - A New Nation  DVD  (Wed Night - The meaning of being born again)

7/9/15 - Ye Must Be Born Again DVD  (Wed Night - The meaning of being born again)

6/18/15 - The Son Sign  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Israel’s Missed Signs)

6/16/15 - A Sign We Would See  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Israel’s Missed Signs)

6/11/15 - What Hell is and Isn’t  DVD  (Wed Night - What and where hell was and is and shall be)

6/10/15 - Creation Precedes Making  DVD  (Wed Night -  How our universe was made)

6/10/15 - Space, the Final Frontier  DVD  (Wed Night - - What the universe looks like)

5/29/15 - Dead in Vain  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Memorial Day Message)

5/22/15 - Seeing is Not Believing  DVD   (Wed Night - What Faith isn’t)

5/22/15 - Rightly Dividing the Gospels  DVD  (Sunday Morning - A Key to understanding the Gospels)

5/11/15 - Division  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Bob Beam)

5/9/15  - O Ye of Little Faith  DVD   (Wed Night - The relationship between faith and works)

5/6/15   - Great is Thy Faith  DVD   (Wed Night - Do You Have Enough Faith?)

5/6/15   - On Faith As It Is In Heaven  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth)

5/6/15   - Comparing Ourselves Among Ourselves  DVD   (Wed Night - Is God Fair?)

4/21/15 - Creator Day  DVD  (Sunday Morning - “Earth Day” message)

4/16/15 - Architect, Builder, and Craftsman  DVD   (Wed Night - God’s Method of Functioning)

4/16/15 - Heaven and Earth   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth)

4/1/15   - Charity and the Patience of Hope  DVD   (Wed Night - God’s Method of Functioning)

3/29/15 - One Purpose; Two Places  (Part 3)  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The unified purpose of God)

3/29/15 - Unbroken Ring of Faith  DVD   (Wed Night - God’s Method of Functioning)

3/22/15 - One Purpose; Two Places  (part 2)  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The unified purpose of God)

3/19/15 - Obedience to Faith  DVD  (Wed Night - The results of Christ’s obedience to faith)

3/17/15 -  One Purpose; Two Places  (part 1)  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The unified purpose of God)

3/17/15 -  The Hierarchy of Biological Creation  DVD  (Wed Night - Should Animals Have Rights?)

3/9/15   -  Continue in What? (Part 2)    DVD  (Sunday Morning - Paul’s Final Charge)

3/5/15   -  The Three Rs   DVD  (Wed Night - Reconciliation, Righteousness, and Right Division)

3/5/15   -  Continue in What?   DVD  (Sunday Mornin  

2/23/15 -   End Times Persecution (part 2)  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The church in end times)

2/23/15 -   End Times Persecution (part 1)  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The church in end times)

2/7/15    - The Acts 13 Hinge  DVD  (Wed Night - Opening the door of faith to the Gentiles)

2/2/15    - The Gift of the Church (part 2)  DVD  (Sunday Morning)

1/29/15  - Making Wise Choices  DVD  (Wed Night - Redeeming the time)

1/29/15  - The Gift of the Church (part 1)  DVD  (Sunday Morning)

1/20/15  - Study and a Life  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Four pillars of Grace Alive)

1/12/15  - A Book and a Gospel  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Four pillars of Grace Alive)

1/12/15  - Paul’s Resolution  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dell Hoover)

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