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Welcome to Grace Alive!

Grace Alive! is non-profit ministry in central Pennsylvania dedicated to spreading the message of grace to those searching for truth. Grace Alive! teaches God's Word rightly divided, and provides a basis for a sustainable walk in the life of Christ.

If you are confused by all of the many “interpretations” of scripture, or are searching for truth and meaning in God’s Word, we encourage you to look through this site. We have written studies, along with audio messages you can download or listen to on your computer. You can also request CDs or DVDs from our Philippian Club page.  If you live in the Blair - Cambria county area of Pennsylvania, you can learn about our assemblies, or find out when and where to see our television broadcast.  There is updated information on our annual Bible conference at Mountaindale Conference center, and contact

 information for any  questions or comments that you have.

The vision of Grace Alive! is to see all men saved by grace through faith and living the life of Christ received at salvation. Our mission is to teach God's infallible Word which is preserved in the King James Bible.

Most Recent Updates  

Do you shop online at Amazon?  Would you like to help Grace Alive financially? Amazon has come up with a way for you to help Grace Alive with every purchase you make through them.  All you have to do is go to  You sign in with the same user name and password that you use on  It is the same site you usually use, but when you’ve chosen Grace Alive Church of Altoona as your charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of every purchase you make to Grace Alive.  We would certainly appreciate it if you would change your shopping habit, and move your amazon shopping to      


6/25/14  - Paradise Moved  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Resurrection completed)

6/17/14  - Peter, Paul and the Resurrection  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Resurrection seen dispensationally)

6/8/14    - The Hated Resurrection  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Our resurrection from the dead)

6/5/14    - The Rest of the Story   DVD  (Sunday Morning - The High Cost of Freedom part 2)

5/29/14  - The High Cost of Freedom  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Memorial Day Service)

5/20/14  - First to the Fire  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Satan’s counterfeit program)

5/13/14  - God Speaks  DVD  (Sunday Morning - How God communicates today)

5/5/14    - The Presence of the Lord  (Sunday Morning - Where can we find God’s presence?)

5/5/14    - Who Can Be Against Us?  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Romans 8)

4/28/14  - A Chance to Make a Choice  DVD  (Sunday Morning - How is God Leading You?

4/25/14  - Led of the Spirit  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Romans 8)

4/23/14  - Dead to the Flesh   DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Romans 8)

4/14/14  - The Right Thing Done Wrong   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Lent)

4/10/14  - Why Keith is Wrong  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Romans 8: 26-27)

4/6/14    - The Terror and the Joy  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The Day of the Lord)

4/4/14    - Way Back When  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Romans 8: 28-30)

4/4/14    - Star Trek Sunday School  DVD  (Sunday Morning - All about the warp drive)

3/28/14  - Wrap-up and Review  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - 40)

3/24/14  - Be Ye Not Weary    DVD  (Sunday Morning - Responding to God’s Word)

3/18/14  - The Making of a Saint    DVD  (Sunday Morning - Can the church make a saint?)

3/18/14  - The Divided Kingdom   DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Numbers in Scripture)

3/18/14  - The Venom of Vain Faith  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Faith without foundation)

3/6/14    -  Samuel Through David   DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Numbers in Scripture)

3/3/14    -  Giving up Pink Elephants . . DVD  (Sunday Morning -  Ash Wednesday and Lent)

2/20/14  - Forty Years  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Numbers in Scripture)

2/17/14  - God Bless You   Blessings from God)

2/14/14  - Forty  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Numbers in Scripture)

2/10/14   - It’s All About the Blood  DVD  (Sunday Morning -  The real power in the blood)

2/7/14     - Apologies for Grace  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The Triple S Defense)

2/1/14     - The Only Way to Please God    DVD  (Sunday Morning - The pillars of Grace Alive!)

1/20/14   - Why Pray?   DVD  (Sunday Morning - The  purpose and blessing of prayer - Bob Beam)

1/16/14   - Israel’s Turn for the Worse  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - How Money Helped Israel Fall)

1/16/14   - The Glory of Giving  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Giving)

1/6/14     - The Grace Answer to Giving   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Giving)

12/30/13 - Abounding in Grace Giving  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Giving)

12/30/13 - God’s Unspeakable Gift   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Giving)

12/30/13 - How to Prove Your Love  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Giving)

12/10/13 - Filthy Lucre  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Giving)

12/10/13 - The Importance of Being Established   DVD  (Sunday Morning)

11/28/13 - A Joyous Thanksgiving   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Thanksgiving Message)

11/21/13 - Hook, Line and Sinker  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Angels)

11/19/13 - Grace and Truth at the Cross  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The center point of time)

11/19/13 - Fallen Angels vs Jesus Christ  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Angels)

11/6/13   - Angels, Angels Everywhere  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Angels)

11/6/13   - In Whom     DVD  (Sunday Morning - Chosen, elected, predestinated)

10/31/13 - Angels and Giants  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Satan’s earliest battle plan)

10/28/13 - An Eternal Inheritance  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Chosen, elected, predestinated)

10/28/13 - No, Seriously! A New Creature  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - God’s Glory)

10/22/13 - God Chose Christ, Will You?  DVD  (Sunday Morning - God’s Sovereignty and Prayer)

10/18/13 - Grace and Truth  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - God’s Glory)

10/18/13 - The Choice is Yours  DVD  (Sunday Morning - God’s Sovereignty and Prayer)

10/10/13 - The Manifestation of God’s Glory   (Wednesday Evening  - God’s Glory)

10/9/13 - Jesus Christ is God  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Bob Beam)

10/5/13 - God’s Dwelling Place   DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Where God dwelt in the past and where He dwells today)

10/1/13 - Can You Change God’s Mind?  DVD  (Sunday Morning - God’s Sovereignty and Prayer)

10/1/13 - Flee From Idolatry  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Is this admonition still relevant?)

9/16/13 - Finally updated our video download page.  I apologize for the delay - no excuses.  If you enjoy                     downloading these videos, and it’s been over a month since we put up new ones, send a note to             I am working on a new site which will have videos of each service.  I was                     hoping to have it live by the summer, but now my goal is the end of the year.  Please bear with                     us.  We are searching hard right now to find a new building for our assembly, rather than renting                     space in the Great Commission school, and it is taking up a lot of our (my) time.  Also, please                     keep us in your prayers.  Thank you.

9/13/13 - The Riches of His Grace  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  -  How Romans 9-11 fits with Ephesians and Colossians)

9/9/13   - Jesus Christ is Lord  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Bob Beam)

9/5/13   - We Shall Be Saved, Even as They  DVD  (Wednesday Evening  - Israel in the dispensation of grace)

9/4/13   - Heirs of God  DVD  (Sunday Morning - How Gentiles became heirs)

9/4/13   - Justifying God  DVD    (Wednesday Evening  - God’s Justice in dealing with man)

8/26/13 - The Means to Perfection  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The problem in Galatia)

8/24/13 - Three Blindings of Israel   DVD    (Wednesday Evening  - How Israel lost their exalted status)

8/24/13 - What Sayeth the Scripture?  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dave Greenwood - Pulpit Exchange)

8/12/13 - Paul’s Puzzling Practices  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Curious things that our apostle did)

8/9/13   - Gentiles Save a Jew  DVD    (Wednesday Evening  - God’s Chosen people try to kill God’s messenger)

8/9/13   - The Passing of the Great Commission  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The Local Church)

8/3/13   - The Angry Jews Agenda  DVD    (Wednesday Evening  - The reason the Jewish leaders tried to silence Paul)

8/1/13   - Protecting the Flock   DVD  (Sunday Morning - The Local Church)

7/22/13 - The 30 Second Church  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The Local Church)

7/16/13 - The Gift of the Local Church  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Gifts Paul gave that are usually discounted)

7/9/13   - Paul’s Three Unheralded Gifts  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Gifts Paul gave that are usually discounted)

6/28/13 - What Are You Looking For?  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dell Hoover)

6/28/13 - The Power of Suffering  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The power of prayer)

6/10/13 - The Power of Prayer  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The power of prayer)

6/4/13   - The Power in Us  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The power of prayer)

5/30/13 - The Cost of Freedom  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The roles of government in our lives)

5/24/13 - Are You Being Chastened by God?  DVD  (Wednesday Evening - God’s chastening of His people)

5/24/13 - Praying In Grace   DVD  (Sunday Morning - Prayer through the ages)

5/24/13 - Established in the Faith  DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Getting established in Romans

5/14/13 - A Unique Mother’s Day Present  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Would you like a head in a charger?)

5/14/13 - Faith is the Victory  DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Faith and Universal Reconciliation)

5/6/13   - Does Your Breath Stink?  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dell Hoover)

5/2/13   - Why King James Part II  DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Why we trust the King James Bible)

5/2/13   - Seven Sayings From the Cross  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The deeper meaning behind Christ’s                                                                                                                       sayings)

4/25/13 - Why King James? Part 1 DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Why we trust the King James Bible)

4/25/13 - Salvation of the Christians   DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Monotheistic religions)

4/24/13 - Creature or Creator  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The Folly of Earth Day)

4/15/13 - Four Pillars  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Grace Alive’s Foundation)

4/9/13   - Salvation of the Jews   DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Monotheistic religions)

4/9/13   - Salvation of the Muslims    DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Monotheistic religions)

3/25/13 - Who, What, When, Where, Why  DVD  (Sunday Morning - End Times Wrap-up)

3/18/13 - Hey, Satan, Watch This!  DVD  (Sunday Morning - God’s great sleight of hand)

3/18/13 - Boot Camp For Glory  DVD  (Sunday Morning - How do we get to rule in the heavenlies)

3/11/13 - Tiptoe through the Tulips  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Bob Beam)

3/11/13 - Reigning in the Heavenlies  DVD  (Sunday Morning - The mechanics of the after-life)

3/9/13   - The Logic of the Trinity   DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Monotheistic religions)

2/21/13 - How Far Would You Go?  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Dell Hoover)

2/14/13 - Through the Wormhole   DVD  (Sunday Morning - End Times According to Paul)

2/14/13 - The God of Christianity   DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Monotheistic religions)

2/6/13   - Mysterious Secrets Revealed  DVD  (Sunday Morning - End Times According to Paul)

1/31/13 - Messiah   DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Monotheistic religions)

1/29/13 - Hold Fast!!!    DVD  (Sunday Morning - End Times According to Paul)

1/29/13 - The God of the Jews   DVD  (Wednesday Evening - Monotheistic religions)

1/21/12 - The Wrath and The Reward   DVD  (Sunday Morning - End Times According to Paul)

1/14/13 - I Thessalonians 5  DVD  (Sunday Morning - End Times According to Paul)

1/9/13  -  Why You Should Do Good Works  DVD  (Sunday Morning - Bob Beam)

1/4/13  -  The Day of Redemption  DVD  (Sunday Morning - End Times According to Paul)

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